How much does it cost to use Dispense Assist?
Nothing/nada/zero/zilch/$0.00. Dispense Assist is, and always will be, FREE to use.

Will there be any sustainment costs to using Dispense Assist?
Not really. The only anticipated cost is to replace a server now and then. We anticipate an annual cost of $300 total to support unlimited usage of the system. The cost will be absorbed by the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment's Public Health Emergency Program.

How can my agency implement Dispense Assist?
Planning documents are available for download here. If you have questions or need technical assistance, call (913) 477-8343 or email [email protected].

Will the desktop version of Dispense Assist require an internet connection?
No. Once Dispense Assist is installed locally, it no longer requires an active internet connection. However, using a local network may be advantageous for printing vouchers and can be accomplished via a Wi-Fi router or hard-wired connection.

How can I print labels using Dispense Assist?
We recommend pre-printing agency specific labels (per the CDC's directive) in advance of an incident and using the peel-and-stick tags from the medication bottles to label vouchers. A template for labels is available for download on the Dispense Assist website. Link to label template

Will Dispense Assist work for closed Points of Dispensing (PODs)?
Yes. Models for closed PODs, including those that support at-risk populations, are included in the User's Guide.

Where can I get training on how to use Dispense Assist?
Click on the links below to view the Dispense Assist training videos (via YouTube).
Dispense Assist Training: The Basics
Dispense Assist Training For Public Health Emergency Planners
Dispense Assist Training For Hospitals
Dispense Assist Training For Closed Sites

You may also call the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment’s Public Health Emergency Program at (913) 477-8343 or email [email protected] to discuss specific training needs.

I found a bug in the system, who do I contact to fix it?
If something isn’t working right on the Dispense Assist website, please call the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment’s Public Health Emergency Program at (913) 477-8343 immediately or email [email protected]. Our staff will get back to you regarding a common fix or escalate the issue to Johnson County's Department of Technology and Information Services.

Can health departments from states besides Kansas use Dispense Assist?
Yes. Any public or private entity can use Dispense Assist. Currently, there are more than 52 million people in the United States and its territories that live in a jurisdiction that uses Dispense Assist. We continually add new jurisdictions.

I want to purchase bar code scanners that will scan the codes on the Dispense Assist forms. What type of scanner I should I buy?
Make sure any scanner you purchase can scan/read QR codes.

Does Dispense Assist store personal or sensitive data?
Dispense Assist does NOT store personal data. When the person closes the Internet browser, their data is deleted from the screen. If equipment (tablets/laptops/etc) is shared, it is important that a trusted agent clicks the [CLEAR FORM] button at the bottom of the Consent/Screening form to eliminate any privacy concerns.

How can I capture demographic data from Dispense Assist?
Two options are available. The easiest option is to capture the data in the Dispense Assist Client Records Database (DA-CRD) found here. The DA-CRD files must be downloaded and installed on a local machine. All information scanned automatically goes into the DA-CRD. Information in the DA-CRD is considered private health information.

The second option is to scan the QR code (square, pixilated image) at the bottom of the voucher and download the data into Microsoft Notepad and Excel software. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. The "QR Data Collection Walk-Through" instructions are also posted in the Downloads section of the website. If the QR code on a printed voucher will not scan, check the ink cartridges in the printer you are using to make sure they are in alignment. Use the printer's software to align the ink cartridges, reprint the voucher and try the scan again.

How do I get password for the Dispense Assist-Client Records Database (DA-CRD)?
Call the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment’s Public Health Emergency Program at (913) 477-8343 and our staff will provide you a password the first time you access the installed Dispense Assist Client Records Database (DA-CRD). This will be your permanent password. If you lose this password or forget it, you will need to call us back for a new password.

Do you have the drug information sheets that you would use for anthrax?
Drug information fact sheets can be found on the Downloads page or on the CDC’s website.

Why does the anthrax questionnaire ask about an amoxicillin allergy?
After the initial 10-day course of Ciprofloxacin or Doxycycline is given, amoxicillin is the preferred drug of choice for the additional 50-day course after an exposure to an anthrax strain that is susceptible to amoxicillin.

Does Dispense Assist come in other languages?
A Spanish version is available on the home page of the Dispense Assist website. We have 10 other languages in the works and they will be added to the website periodically.

How do I capture drug information if I scan the QR code on the mobile app?
After scanning the QR code on the client's mobile device, use the Pharm Codes feature to scan the QR code for the drug that was given to the client.

What does the future of Dispense Assist look like?
Our goal is to move to an entirely paperless process that is both fast and efficient. We hope to achieve this by integrating a mobile Dispense Assist app with a pharmaceutical scanning program.

Whom do I contact with suggestions to change or improve Dispense Assist?
Please send an email to [email protected]